Ball and Chain Wedding Ring Set

Ball and Chain Wedding Ring Set

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Ball and Chain Ring Set

It's time to tell the woman of your dreams that you're willing to stop all the partying and settle down into a boring life filled with love and admiration. The Ball and Chain Ring Set is perfect for that newlywed couple or friend who is about to take that long, life-changing stroll down the aisle. Let them know what they are getting into and what they are missing out on. These rings symbolize the movement from a carefree lifestyle to one where you take off the relationship pants and give them to her. Ahh, love. Ain't it grand.

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  • Jodi . Jul 19, 2011
    What a great gift. Someone gave the groom a ball and chain set that hooked around his ankle; so I decided to add onto the collection with a matching wedding band set. The immediate response was, Are you guys trying to tell us something?
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