Wine Collar Bottle Thermometer

Wine Collar Bottle Thermometer

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Are you tired of trying to guess if your bottle of wine is at its best temperature? You don’t have worry about your favorite vino being too cold or not chilled enough with our Wine Collar Bottle Thermometer.

This handy gadget is a wine lover’s dream. All you have to do is slip the digital wine thermometer on and let it take your bottle’s temperature. No more guesswork. You’ll never open another bottle of wine and be surprised again.

Be sure your next glass is chilled to perfection with the digital Wine Collar Bottle Thermometer.

We love the Wine Collar Bottle Thermometer because wine tastes better at certain temperatures.  Your hands can't measure this, and you don't want to pour a glass that is luke warm.  So on a guess and a prayer, you pour wine for your friends.  Until now.  With the Wine Collar Bottle Thermometer, every glass you pour tastes perfect, like manna from heaven.  Not to cold, not to warm.


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