Mustache Magnets: Set of 8

Mustache Magnets: Set of 8

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Entertain your friends and hold up your family photos with Mustache Magnets. Each set of eight is perfect for making that TPS report an evil twin or giving your mother-in-law the mustache you always knew she deserved. Use these magnets as a standard way to hold up photos or to give a little flair to ordinary pictures of family and friends. Your friends will envy your mustache love and wish their cubicle photos could grow some sweet facial hair.

Oh my goodness, is that a giant cockroach on your desk?

No, it's just my baby with a rad mustache.

There’s just something fun about mustaches, and we love being able to cover our fridges and filing cabinets with Mustache Magnets. Anything that will let us add some facial hair to our favorite photos or give our kids’ homework a handlebar is worth it. If you can’t grow one, then put it on your fridge.


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