The Foot Wedge

The Foot Wedge

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Have there been more than a few times when you wanted to kick the golf ball for heading into the rough or falling just a few inches short of the hole?

The foot wedge lets you give your ball the little extra umph it needs to get out of that sand trap, just don't let your friends see it.

This is the perfect gift for that friend that consistently asks for Mulligans and never buys a round at the 19th hole. Let him know, you have his number and that the only way he's going to win is by using a tool like The Foot Wedge.
The Foot Wedge in Action

As you can see the foot wedge does not guarantee the perfect score, but it will certainly improve any golfers confidence and handicap. While the infamous foot wedge has been used for years and years this version is actually tangible. Many golfers pass the foot wedge club down to their children when they reach a certain age, it is a ceremonious right of passage.

foot wedge in package

The foot wedge features an elastic band to fit even the largest of golf shoes! Simply slide the band over the toe of the shoe and wallah, instant score reducer!

elastic foot wedge

The stage is set, the ball lands in the sand and you need a quick up and in for the win. You struggle between the sand wedge and the always trusty pitching wedge, but suddenly you remember about the fail safe foot wedge that is securely attached to your shoe. Look around and make sure nobody is looking and whoosh. You have now secured your win and you have nobody to thank but yourself. Nice job golfer, nice job!

foot wedge in package two

In all seriousness the golfers "Foot Wedge" has been a myth around the course for years. This product makes a great gag gift and a great joke for golfers of all levels.

Golf may be one of the only sports where a lower score is better, and the foot wedge will certainly help you get there.

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  • Jayme S. Dec 26, 2010
    I never took the item out of the package, but from the outside it looked good. I was giving the foot wedge as a gag gift so it served that purpose very nicely. Im not sure if it would actually work, but my husband laughed his butt off! Item arrived quickly also.
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  • Golfster99 2. Dec 26, 2010
    I bought this for my father in law who is an avid golfer and he just loved it! He actually re-gifted it to his son who genuinely needs a foot wedge in his bag of clubs. This made our whole weekend. I will be purchasing another one for my own dad for his birthday. It's tough to buy for golfers but I would recommend this for anyone.
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