Mouse Tail Cord Wraps

Mouse Tail Cord Wraps

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The only thing worse than out of control clutter in a home is an uninvited family of little critters like mice. Well, unless they're Mouse Tail Cord Wraps, which are perfectly designed to be adorable and useful in the fight against disorganized office, entertainment and appliance cords.

Most rodents are considered filthy pests, but our Mouse Tail Cord Wraps will keep your cords controlled and won't leave little pellets on the floor. These handy office helpers are shaped like tiny mice and their tails wrap around electronics cords to keep them secure, organized and out of the way. Unlike their living counterparts, these mice are cute and come in two packs of pink and blue.

There’s a mouse in your house and one by the computer, but now these little rodents can help keep track of cords. We love cute little mice as long as they are decorative and not breathing. These adorable cord wraps will make you smile while they help bring order to your messy electronic cords.


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