Here Kitty Kitty Paw Door Stopper

Here Kitty Kitty Paw Door Stopper

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How many times have you been indisposed in the bathroom and turned to the door to see a small paw shooting through the crack.

Cats are naturally curious creatures, so freak people out with the Here Kitty Kitty Paw Door Stopper. This lifelike cat’s paw will fool them into thinking their tabby caught holding the door, but the jokes on them.

This is the ideal gift for that cat lover or even cat hater. The Here Kitty Kitty Paw Door Stopper is guaranteed to catch people’s attention no matter what door you prop open.



Adorably Playful

Anyone who has cats knows that they can get anywhere and love playing under doors. It’s fun to see them going after some invisible adversary. The Here Kitty Kitty Paw Door Stopper gives your room the adorable look of a playful paw while keeping your door open for friends and felines alike.


Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

- Designed to look like a real cat paw

- Silicone rubber

- Measures 4" long x 1.75" wide

- Purrfect for cat lovers and the kitties who love them


Who Would Love Here Kitty Kitty Door Stopper?

Everyone who loves cats will adore this amazing and cute door stopper. It could be the crazy cat lady down the street or the cute couple that shares ten pictures a day of their two precious furbabies. This is a cat lover’s dream and is sure to be treasured forever.


Frequently Asked Questions

That cat paw looks pretty real, are you sure there’s not a cat on the other side of the door?

We’ve seen them in person and can guarantee that these are not full cats or the severed appendage of our feline friends. It’s incredibly lifelike molded silicone rubber and will work perfectly as a door stopper. We love kitties too.


I love cats, but am allergic. Will this upset my allergies?

You’re in so much luck, we’re getting misty! The Here Kitty Kitty Paw Door Stop is the perfect solution! You can live the adorable cuteness without the tissues and swelling! Enjoy!

Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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