Pop & Splat Flyswatter Set

Pop & Splat Flyswatter Set

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Batman and Robin aren't the only ones that enjoy a little “Kapow” and “Bam” when they are fighting the bad guys. When you're on a fly-swatting rampage, you can feel like a superhero with the Pop and Splat Flyswatter set.

The set features swatters with large cartoonish Pop and Splat lettering. When you take down a fly with your manly or womanly muscles, you'll get that little extra boost to your ego. You'll be a domestic superhero and your weapon of choice will be the Pop and Splat Flyswatter set. Those pesky flies won't know what hit them. Set of 2 Flyswatters

When the temperatures rise, the insects start coming out in droves, but we hate those boring fly swatters at the stores. Don your cowl and get your classic Batman on with the Pop and Splat Fly Swatters. With each bug you kill, you get your own personal sound effect. Now, they just need to come up with one that says “Boffo.”


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