Salt & Power Shakers

Salt & Power Shakers

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Heavy Duty Salt + Pepper Power Shaker.

Power up your food.

Juice up any meal with these energizing Salt and Pepper Power Battery Shakers. You'll keep going and going and going when the flavors burst from your food. No need to plug these batteries in to recharge, just fill them up with their respective seasoning and you're good to go. The shakers are shaped like D-cell batteries and even come with a "power level" indicator, so you'll always know how much "energy" is left in the battery.

Salt and Pepper Power Battery Shakers are the perfect gift for your mother-in-law, because they're sure to amp up even the worst meal.

We're totally amped about the the Salt and Power Shakers because they're charged with personality. Plus, their clear level indicators make it easy for everyone to see "watt" is inside and if it needs a refill. There really isn't anything thing negative about these shakers. Zap them onto your table and they're sure to electrify!


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  • Chelsea . Feb 8, 2011
    I ordered these for my folks and just got them today. I'm very pleased with the quality! My mother recently started collecting S&P shakers, so I know she doesn't have a set of these yet. She's going to love them :) Thanks!
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