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Pixel Wall Clock

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The 80's have come back with the Pixel Time Clock. Do you remember the old Atari and Nintendo systems with their blocky graphics? You can relive that era of pixel domination with a clock that would look right at home on Mario's wall as he catches a quick smooch with the princess.

The Pixel Time Clock keeps track of time while casting your memory back to an era when top notch computer graphics looked like a toddler's LEGO creation. Rad! The Pixel Time Clock would be the perfect gift for any video game lover or someone more at home in the glory days of 8-bit gaming than the high definition button mashing of today.

An 8-bit Masterpiece

The glory days of gaming are back with the Pixel Wall Clock. Today’s gamers have no idea what 8-bit games look like thanks to the revolutionary graphics of recent systems. We seasoned gamers, however, look back fondly on the days when it was cool to be a blocky plumber fighting to save the princess and spending hours going from world to world.


Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

- Pixelated-look wall clock

- Features pixelated numbers and pointers

- Made from plastic ABS

- Measures 11.81” x 11.42” x 1.61”

- Looks great in offices, game rooms and man caves

- Perfect gift for lovers of all things retro and old-school gamers


Who Would Love the Pixel Wall Clock?

Anyone who gets nostalgic over classic gaming and can remember the hours spent going after Zelda or jumping barrels in Donkey Kong will love the Pixel Wall Clock. It embodies everything from that special era of gaming that helped pave the way for today’s games and game characters. It’s not just a clock, it’s a tribute to gaming history.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does it actually tell time?

Yes, while the Pixel Wall Clock may look like a geeky fashion statement, it’s actually a working clock. You can tell how long you’ve been playing on the Xbox or eventually realize you haven’t slept in three days. It’s a working clock and a reality check at the same time.

Will other 80s icons be coming back?

The 80s are hot right now and everyone seems to be loving the retro look, but don’t expect everything from the decade to make a comeback. There are some things like microwave milkshakes and mile high hair that should stay locked in the past. Believe me, it’s just better this way.

Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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