Cold Fish Goldfish Ice Mold

Cold Fish Goldfish Ice Mold

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There is nothing more relaxing then looking at fish in an aquarium and there is nothing more satisfying then seeing those fish floating in the scotch and soda that you're about to drain in one gulp. The Cold Fish Goldfish Ice Mold creates perfect ice versions of everyone's favorite aquatic pal. Watch as the fish dance in a glass of your favorite beverage, but don't be surprised when they start floating on their backs. Use juice or food coloring to create unique fish colors and flavors. You'll never look at a goldfish the same again.

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  • Jon G. Jul 25, 2011
    The package came really fast and the cold fish are very cute. I need to practice getting the fish out without breaking their tails off. These are going to make cute jello jigglers !!
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