Bottle Top Shot Glasses

Bottle Top Shot Glasses

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There is nothing more satisfying than drinking from a glass bottle. Now, you can get that same sensation with your favorite hard liquor, thanks to Barbuzzo Bottle Top Shot Glasses. They feature the green tinted bottle glass that you know and love with a bottle cap base for ultimate realism.

Our Bottle Top Shot Glasses are perfect for the bottle collector or anyone who remembers the days of 5-cent refundable bottles and popping a top on his favorite drinks. These snazzy glasses come in a set of four and will be a welcome addition to your home bar or Friday night party.

Bottoms Up


Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? They obviously never tried these awesome shot glasses. Bottle Top Shot Glasses look awesome and can be filled with your favorite spirits or soda, who are we to judge? Either way, you’re going to feel the burn!


Specs, Features and Bragging Rights


- Set of 4 green glass shot glasses

- Created using actual recycled green bottles

- Metal caps serve as glasses’ bases

- Perfectly balanced

- Each measures 3" tall and

- Holds 2 ounces of liquid

- Hand washing recommended


Who Would Love Bottle Top Shot Glasses?


There are a lot of people that like to collect glass bottles from different companies, and this gift would be a dream come true for them. Also, anyone who just loves drinking out of bottles, whether it be beer or pop, will appreciate these cool shot glasses. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Will the glass cut my lip?


The glass is fashioned from a cut bottle, but the lip has been carefully rounded for your safety. You can enjoy the unique appearance of these handsome shot glasses without worrying that you’ll get cut on a sharp edge.


Are those real pop bottle tops?


Yep, the sure are. Each of the bottle top shot classes has a base made from a real bottle top. We highly recommend that you never ever try to pop the top, or else your shot glass will become a funnel and spill all over your pants. Not that we know from experience or anything. Okay… maybe.

Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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