I Am Not A Wine Glass

I Am Not A Wine Glass

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Don’t break out those crystal wine glasses when all you want is a drink or two on the porch. Grab your I Am Not A Wine Glass -- it’s a wine glass that you can take anywhere! This durable glass is the perfect mix of handy traveler highfalutin sophistication.

The I Am Not A Wine Glass has a plastic double wall design that keeps your beverage cold whether you’re enjoying your drink outdoors or on your couch. Plus, it even comes with a handy screw on lid and reusable straw. There are no worries of your favorite vino spilling out of this miracle of modern design.

I Am Not A Wine Glass may have some identity issues, but you’ll know exactly what to do with it. Drink up and enjoy.

We love this happy traveler because we're total suckers for products that are crafted with fun, smart design. And help us drink wine. Mmm...wine.

The I Am Not A Wine Glass is a fabulous travel cup because it can make ANY drink feel more classy and vibrant while still be wicked convenient at the same time.


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