Bridal Dice Game

Bridal Dice Game

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Are you throwing a bridal shower and looking for a great way to break the ice. Nothing's more awkward than 20 women who don't know each other talking about the weather.

Get the party started with the Bridal Dice Game! As you roll the dice, party-goers will get to know each other, support the bride and laugh like crazy.

Why sit around playing the same old, boring word games when you can bond over a hilarious game of dice?

Each card comes with 2 dice and instructions for a fun, ice-breaking game for all the ladies that mean so much to the bride-to-be.

Bachelorette parties are supposed to be fun, but sometimes shy guests get things off to a very slow start. We love the Bridal Dice Game because it’s a fun icebreaker that will help loosen everyone up for a night of silly fun had by all. 


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