Butcher's Choice Fancy Tin Foil

Butcher's Choice Fancy Tin Foil

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Your packed meat has never looked so good then when it's wrapped in Butcher's Choice Fancy Tin Foil. Each piece of foil is decorated with prime cuts of meat and adds a special touch to any leftovers. Don't be caught with plain aluminum foil when there is this choice, meat-adorned foil available. You'll never have to do a blind grab for leftovers again. When you wrap leftover meat in this fun tin foil, you'll know exactly what you're reaching for with a glance. Butcher's Choice Fancy Tin Foil let's you know there's no unexpected tofu kabob in your future, only delicious cuts of meaty goodness. 98-1/2" long by 8" wide (2.5 m x 20 cm).

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