"Off the Hook" Goldfish Sandwich Bags

"Off the Hook" Goldfish Sandwich Bags

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There’s no reason why you need to have a boring sandwich bag for your family’s lunches. Everyone will love our fun “Off the Hook” Goldfish Sandwich Bags.

These fishy sandwich baggies feature pictures of goldfish swimming on the outside. Your children will be giddy showing everyone their cool sandwich bags while everyone else frowns over their boring ones.

You can use them for more than just sandwiches too. They’re great for all sorts of snacks and household uses. There is no end to the fun you can have with the “Off the Hook” Goldfish Sandwich Bags.

We love all things weird, and you don’t get much weirder than the “Off the Hook” Sandwich Bags. They give a strange charm to even the most boring of lunches, and that caught our attention – hook, line and sinker.


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