Horse Hooves

Horse Hooves

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Having an opposable thumb is totally overrated. All that grabbing and utilizing tools is enough to drive anyone mad. Luckily, you can simplify your life with Horse Hooves. Wear these and you can get rid of those pesky fingers and thumbs and live the life of a bipedal horse.

Go ahead and try to do some regular tasks with these hooves and see how well it goes. A few tries making hot cocoa or coffee and you’ll know why horses don’t drink hot beverages. Horse Hooves for Humans aren’t just a bold fashion statement, but an educational tool as well.

Start Horsing Around

It’s time to set get serious folks, this is no time for horseplay. Ok, it actually is time for horseplay…literally. Horse Hooves slip over your hands in case you have the sudden urge to drive a glass-slippered princess to the ball. With the Horse Hooves, you don’t even have to be back by midnight…unless her parents gave her a curfew.

Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

- Set of two realistic looking horse hooves

- Completes the Horse Head Mask look perfectly

- Fits most adult hands

- Measure approximately 14 inches in length

- Made with vinyl

Who would love Horse Hooves?

Anyone who loves horses or dressing up will like these costume additions. The Horse Head Mask has been popular for a while, but few know that they can complete the look in such an awesome way. Wild horses couldn’t drag anyone who enjoys going the extra mile with his costume ideas away from these rad vinyl hooves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are they made from real horse?

No, we certainly wouldn’t condone the lopping off of horses’ hooves just for the fun and entertainment of others. While they are incredibly real-looking, they are made from artificial materials. No horses were harmed in the making of these awesome hooves.

Can I actually use the hooves?

While they probably won’t help you type a term paper, they can be worn at any time horse’s hooves would come in handy. See what I did there?

Why We Love It

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