Dill Pickle Mints

Dill Pickle Mints

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There is nothing better than leaning in for a big kiss with the one you love and suddenly smelling the distinct odor of pickle breath. Dill Pickle Mints may not be great for a first date, but they can be a lifesaver on a lousy one.

These Dill Pickle Mints taste and smell just like the real thing and you don't even have to stick your hand in the brine. If your friends set you up on a lot of blind dates, you better get two tins.

Pickle flavored anything is hot right now and anyone that enjoys the unique taste will love Dill Pickle Mints. Their fun and ideal as both a thoughtful or gag gift. We loved the fun factor of these mints and who doesn’t enjoy rocking some monster pickle breath?


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  • Luis . Apr 1, 2011
    I actually enjoy the flavor of these! But, Im a pickle fanatic so Im not sure if that counts. But, I carry these around for friends that always ask for gum or mints. Since I always carry them, theyre used to eating mint flavor and never question otherwise. Once I gave them these, they never asked me again. Great gag gift!
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