Quaffer Shot Glass (Set of 4)

Quaffer Shot Glass (Set of 4)

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Have you ever drank a shot and then had to make monumental effort to find your chaser? Never have to deal with this troublesome toil again with the quaffer 4-pack. The quaffer is a shot glass and chaser all in one. The unique design keeps the shot and chaser separate until you choose to drink them both. Quaffer shotglasses are made of durable plastic. One quick flip of the head and you can be downing rum with a chaser of Coke following right behind. There are limitless possibilities of drink combinations that you can experiment with.

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  • Chelsea . Feb 8, 2011
    These are fabulous. My parents like to entertain, so I bought them a set, and my dad didn't know what to do with them. I showed him how they worked, but it took him several attempts to get used to the idea. Maybe he just wanted more shots, lol. Thanks!
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