Mason Jar Shot Glasses

Mason Jar Shot Glasses

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Everyone knows that the best moonshine comes from a mason jar. Now you can expand that to include shots with Mason Jar Shot Glasses.

Let your inner hillbilly shine through when you’re drinking whiskey from a mason jar. Even pink lemonade flavored vodka seems a little more manly when you shoot it from a mason jar shot glass…at least you can keep telling yourself that.

Fill these petite mason jars to the brim and take down the best and worst alcohols available. And, there are four mason jar shot glasses in a pack, so your downhome buddies can enjoy them with you.

Hillbilly Heaven

Rednecks and hillbillies deserve to be able to enjoy their culture everywhere, including the party scene. Mason Jar Shot Glasses are the perfect way to indulge the country folk at your party. With Mason Jar Shot Glasses, your shindig will be the hootenanny of the century. They’re right proper, y’all.


Specs and Stuff

- Includes four mason jar shot glasses

- 2.4 oz. capacity and

- Measures approximately 2" x 2"

- Made of durable glass

- Lettering says "Shots" on the side

- Hand wash only


Who Would Love Mason Jar Shot Glasses?

You may think that only people of the hillbilly persuasion would love these, but they’re more than just a symbol of that culture. The downhome charm that comes with mason jars of all sizes is sweeping the nation thanks to the DIY crafty types. Plus, they’re just good, old-fashioned fun shot glasses. Anyone who enjoys a good stiff drink will love these shot glasses.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to share my Mason Jar Shot Glasses with friends?

It’s not a requirement for use, but we recommend sharing. That way, you won’t be the only one getting pickled.

Will I revert back to a hillbilly state?

It really depends on how much you drink. Enough shots and anyone starts acting like a hillbilly. Signs include drunken revelry, knee slapping, jug-blowing and an unnatural love of anything fried.

Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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