Record Coasters - 4 Pack

Record Coasters - 4 Pack

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In an age of digital music and CDs, what do we do with all those countless records that have been stacking up in everyone's basements. Use them as coasters of course. Ok, so you don't have to start using your mom's Peggy Lee records for coaster just yet, but these silicon records are perfect for reliving the days of vinyl records, whenever that was. Record Coasters are great gifts for music buffs that love the oldies, retro junkies or all the youngsters on your list who love the hear about the "good old days". These coasters are dishwasher safe and and washable.

Record Coaster:

* Silicone drink coasters shaped like 45-rpm records
* Set of 4 coasters per pack
* Dishwasher-safe
* Size: 4" diameter

45-rpm Record Coasters Overview

Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. What you are actually seeing are silicone record coasters that look like authentic vinyl records. Serve your drink the funky and cool way with these vintage looking vinyl record coasters that are proven to prevent slips and spills from ice-cold drinks and hot beverages. It is a unique product that you will surely love, especially if you are a fan of vintage items and groovy accessories such as this one.

These vinyl record coasters are made with silicone material and shaped like 45-rpm records. You will surely be the star of the party when your guests see your groovy side when you serve drinks on these funky coasters. Each set has 4 pieces of silicone record coasters which are 4 inches in diameter each. For the music lover and vintage enthusiasts, these items will be the perfect addition to your kitchen as you serve drinks over and over again. The coasters are durable and dishwasher safe. Whether it is a glass or wooden table, you will be sure that there are no water stains or marks on the surface of your table.

What makes this product so unique is that the design gives the music lover an authentic feel and look of the vinyl record. The box itself is designed like a record player, which makes it a funky and groovy storage box when the coasters are not in use.

Whether you are a music lover, a vintage collector, or just adore unique and cool items such as the record coasters, serving beverages any time of the day has never been funkier than ever. Be the life of the party and serve drinks the fun and exciting way with these silicon vinyl record coasters. Whether you are having guests for lunch, dinner, or having evening parties and celebrations, people will remember you as the best party thrower ever.

Each coaster has a different color so it won't be difficult to keep track which drink belongs to you and to others.

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  • MaryAnn B. Sep 7, 2013
    Well just recently i found this site looking for gag gifts and I must say i purchased about 20 I think - A GREAT FANTASTIC WEB PAGE for birthday or Christmas or any kind of parties you require gag gifts! MarAnn
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  • Rocky . Aug 8, 2011
    These record coasters are a great gift for any music lover. They are high quality and they are also well packaged. I was very happy to give this gift to our nephew who loves playing music.
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