Golf BBQ Grilling Set

Golf BBQ Grilling Set

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The 7 Piece Golf BBQ Grilling Set with Tote

Finally, the perfect mix between your life on the green and at the grill! The USDA and USGA couldn’t have done better themselves. The 7 Piece Golf Barbecue Set with Tote combines everything needed to score a hole in one at every meal.

This stylish set includes three golf-inspired tools, a grill brush, salt and pepper shakers and a detailed, zippered tote designed to look just like a golf bag. There couldn’t be a more perfect gift for golf enthusiasts who love to sear a steak or two after a long day at the links.

It’s in the Bag!

- Stainless Steel Tongs: The sleekly designed, club-inspired tongs are crafted with realistic grips and dimpled, ball-shaped grabbers perfect for use with meat or veggies.

- Stainless Steel Brush: The matching wire brush and scraper also comes with a stainless steel shaft and rubber gripper. It makes grill prep a breeze and looks great in the set afterwards.

- Stainless Steel Fork: This heavy duty matching fork will surely leave divots in your favorite cuts of meat that you won’t mind.

- Stainless Steel Spatula: The wedge-like spatula is perfect for turning beautiful cuts of meat with ease.

- Golf Ball Salt and Pepper Shakers: What golf set would be complete without balls? Not only do these golf balls top off the visual appeal of the golf bbq set, but they keep your favorite seasonings close at hand!

- Golf Bag Carry Case with Zipper Pouch: Our specially designed golf bag tote has a sturdy carrying strap and is meticulously detailed to look like the real thing, right down to the side pocket for the golf ball shakers. It’s compact for travel, but allows plenty of room inside to carry everything you need. 

Golf BBQ Set

Grilling Fit for the Majors

Show everyone you’re serious about your golf game and grilling style with the only set that truly combines your two passions. When you step up to the grill with your barbecue golf tote, your friends will know you’ve got what it takes to make it to that you eat, sleep and grill like a pro.

7 Piece Golf BBQ Set

A Whole in One

No true golfer would hit the course with a handful of clubs he randomly grabbed here and there. It’s important to have the perfect tools for the job whether you’re on the green or at the grill. The 7 Piece Golf Barbecue Set with Tote has all the essential in one bag and at the ready for the best grilling experience wherever the mood for a great burger strikes. With durable tools, seasoning shakers and a sturdy carrying case, this set is “whole” in one.

Who Would Love the Golf Grilling Set with Tote?

EVERY golfer who enjoys a backyard barbecue will love this set! If you know a lady or gent who spends all winter pining for the first tee-off, you know this gift will be a hole in one. Whether he’s aspiring to go pro or she likes to catch up on the latest gossip over a few rounds, the Golf Grilling Set will definitely be a handsome showpiece at every picnic and barbecue where they step up to the grill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this barbecue shave some strokes off my game?

Using this set won’t actually count as practicing on your swing, but it will definitely keep your head in the game while you fuel up for your next round.

Do I need to hire a caddie to carry around this barbecue set?

Well, the Golf Grilling Set is designed for easy travel, so you won’t break a sweat lugging it from your car to the grill, but it would still look really cool if you had someone carry it for you - just because you’re awesome.

Why We Love It

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  • linda d. Dec 15, 2011
    This BBQ set is a Christmas gift so I haven't used them but they appear to be nice and very strong. High quality and oh so cute!!!
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