Buckshot Shot Glasses

Buckshot Shot Glasses

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Did you bag your first 10-point buck? Did you finally take down that bear that keeps stealing your pic-a-nic baskets? Did you singlehandedly stop that zombie outbreak? Well, it’s time to celebrate. Put down your gun and pick up the Buckshot Shot Glasses!

Fill them with your favorite adult beverage and toast the sweet, if not somewhat rotten, fleshy, smell of success. The shot glasses are designed to look just like shotgun shells and are great gifts for hunters that like to party. Don’t just sit there admiring your handiwork, grab a bottle and start celebrating until the next wave of zombies hits.

Buckshot Shot Glasses come in a set of four.

When you’re in a bar, shooting takes on a whole new meaning, but get the double entendre with the Buckshot Shot Glasses. We love a good play on words. Plus, these shot glasses are sure to make every hunter’s liver quiver...with excitement.


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