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Binocular Flask - Barnoculars

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What Do You Mean You Can’ See Straight

Those boring bird watching trips with grandpa will suddenly get a lot more interesting with the Binocular Flask. Fill the flask with a little bit of your favorite brew or hard stuff and head out into the wilderness. Grandpa won’t understand why your suddenly slurring your words, but he’s old so he’ll just think it’s one of those “Youngin” things.


Specs, Features and Bragging Rights              

-- Holds a full pint of liquor, or 16 - 1 oz. shots

-- Save money on drinks at the ballpark

-- Makes birdwatching almost enjoyable

-- Has two separate compartments to mix and match beverages

-- Looks just like real binoculars

-- Includes funnel for easy filling

-- Comes with handy binocular strap


Who Would Like The Binocular Flask?

Anyone who needs a little nip on the sly every now and then will love this little tool. It’s less conspicuous than a standard flask, but there may be people wondering why you carry binoculars everywhere you go. Just give them the ole Red Riding Hood Line, “The better to see you with.”


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I actually use them as binoculars?

Sorry folks, the binocular flask is 100 percent made for drinking and not looking. It holds 16 ounces of fun times, but we don’t recommend actually trying to use them for seeing things at a distance, you’ll just get wet.

Can I fill mine with pop?

Sure, we don’t know why you would, but sure. The flask can hold any type of liquid you want. That 50-year-old scotch will taste heavenly, as will the $2.99 energy drink.

Binocular Flask - Barnoculars


Binocular Flask - Barnoculars
by Jon Golfer   On  07/25/2011

Arrived very quickly and does look like the real thing! Fast shipping and great gift ideas.

Binocular Flask - Barnoculars
by Tania   On  06/05/2011

This is awesome and easily to hide when bringing to the stadium for a game. Since you can’t bring in your own alcohol; this was an great way to do it! Ingenious idea and one that I’ll use again and again!

Binocular Flask - Barnoculars
by Timbo   On  01/12/2011

This is the best gadget I have ever bought, the best part about it is that it works! I have used this flask about 15 times with no problems. Thanks!