Over the Hill Pecker Detector

Over the Hill Pecker Detector

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Let's face it, after the belly gets so big taking a gander at your Henry Longfellow becomes a task for an Olympic gymnast. The Over the Hill Pecker Detector includes an extendable arm and mirror, so you can see your twig and two berries. Just be careful, if it's been a few years since you've seen you're bait and tackle, you might be a little surprised...especially if it's a cold day. The Over the Hill Pecker Detector may become your best friend, because no one else wants to take a look at your junk.

As we get older, we first lose sight of our feet, and then old Mr. Johnson seems to disappear as well. If it wasn't for occasionally sitting on your saggy man-danglers, you'd never quite know if they were still there. We love the Over the Hill Pecker Detector, because anyone with this problem definitely needs a little extra help that nobody else will want to give. Plus, a friend who really cares knows that's the last thing you want to lose track of. 


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