Hide-a-Dad 2000

Hide-a-Dad 2000

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The Hide-a-Dad 2000

It’s Actually LESS Embarrassing Than Dad!

A common problem that plagues tweens, teens, and children, in general, is DDS – Dorky Dad Syndrome. Gears Out researches have been toiling night and day to solve this vexing problem that affects so many of today’s innocent and youth, and we’ve finally stumbled upon the perfect solution!

Introducing, the World Famous Hide-a-Dad 2000!

This reusable breakthrough in dorky dad concealment is rocking the very foundations of adolescent angst and bringing peace-of-mind to that previously awkward moment helplessly suffered by every generation of teen before - being seen in public with your totally uncool father!

Specs, Features, and Bragging Rights

  • Breathable hair and beard net conceals dad’s most human features
  • Provides instant relief of father-related embarrassment
  • Guaranteed to conceal even the dorkiest of dads
  • Includes Bonus Blindfold for extreme operations
  • Mom approved, because, “Seriously, you’re wearing that?”

A Hilarious Gag Gift for Any Occasion

It’s a fact that no matter how cool a parent is, their kid is going to be embarrassed of something. The Hide-a-Dad 2000 pokes fun at this silly parenting reality while delivering a bundle of laughs to the whole family.

Surprise dear old dad with his very own Hide-a-Dad 2000 on his birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day or just to say, “Dad. Just. No.”

Why We Love It

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