Shit 'N' Stroke

Shit 'N' Stroke

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Golfers with irritable bowel syndrome or lactose intolerance will line up for a chance to get a hole-in-one while they’re doing a number two.  Just make sure to remind them to beware the foul winds and remember that’s not a sand trap – eww. All golf lovers will love the Shit ‘N’ Stroke, so be prepared for longs waits at the bathroom door and be ready to offer the occasional “golf clap” when appropriate. Proper etiquette is as important on the crapper as it is on the course.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Shit 'N' Stroke

Do I get a Mulligan for farting during a putt?

Sorry, strong winds are a hazard with any golf game, so floating an air biscuit doesn’t earn you a Mulligan. Pro Tip: Place toilet paper around the seat before you start. Sweaty seat slippage can cause a wicked slice…and not just with the golf ball, OUCH!


My wife regrets getting me this. How do I smooth things over?

Don’t be fooled by your wife’s demeanor, she’s just as into it as you are. She may not openly admit it in mixed company, but she’s probably been Shit ‘N’ Stroking for years and just never told you. Sit her down and tell her how important your poo putting is, and I’m sure she’ll understand.

Toilet Training


We don’t like to brag, but if Tiger Woods had the Shit ‘N’ Stroke, then he’d have a few more green jackets in his closet – and the colon of an 18-year-old. Whether you’re a professional golfer or putt-putt superstar, this poop and putt game will give you a special edge. Heck, even total newbies to the game will feel like a pro after a couple mornings with this bad boy. You’ll spend hours perfecting your putt. In fact, you just might find yourself eating beans with every meal just to have an excuse to play a quick nine at your personal bathroom golf course.


Specs, features and bragging rights:


- Set includes: Putter, putting green, plastic hole, flag and two balls

- Bonus gift: Do Not Disturb sign for lengthy practice sessions

- Allows you to work on your short game all year round

- Being a shitty golfer is finally a good thing

- Fits snugly against most standard toilets

- Far better use of your time than reading shampoo bottles

- Makes chronic constipation fun

- Knocks swings off your golf game while you’re dropping the kids off at the pool

- Hilarious gift for all golfers


Who Would Love the Shit ‘N’ Stroke?



What We Love


We love the Shit ‘N’ Stroke because no one wants to read that same old People Magazine that’s been stashed away next to your grandmother’s Harriet Carter catalog since 1984. Plus, we know how important it is to remain active over the years and like to think that offering every home the opportunity to engage in some bathroom athletics is our contribution to making the world a healthier place, one Shit ‘n’ Stroke at a time.

Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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