Trump Bullshit Protectors

Trump Bullshit Protectors

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Trump Bullshit Protectors

Donald Trump likes to talk. He likes to talk about Hillary, immigrants, and making America great again. Do you ever get tired of hearing him? That’s why we provide the Trump Bullshit Protectors. When The Donald starts spouting off on the television, you can slip these over your ears and be completely protected from his never ending bullshit. It’s great for Republicans and Democrats.  Everyone can agree that he talks way too much, and if we can’t shut him up, then we can at least tune him out. That’s the way to make America great.

Trump the Trump

When Trump comes on the television, you don’t have to listen to him droll on about everything. You can protect yourself with the Trump Bullshit Protectors. They’ll tune out the bullshit, so you can only hear the truth. So, pretty much silence. Grab your set today and have them ready for election day.

Specs. Features and Bragging rights

- Muffles madness

- Unique design effectively dampens bullshit

- Hilarious political gag gift

- Proven to improve your mood when the news comes on

Who Would Love Trump Bullshit Protectors?

Everyone? Let’s face it, we could all do with a few less political mouthpieces in our everyday life. He’s just currently the most vocal. Anyone that’s not a fan of The Donald will love having the ability to tune him out on a moment’s notice. You may see people wearing these in public.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I like Donald Trump?

If you like what he has to say, then you can proudly put on your Trump Bullshit Protectors when other people start speaking against him. Just like every politician out there, these bullshit protectors can flip-flop to meet your needs.

Will they mess up my hair?

Our bullshit protection system can muss the hair if thrown on quickly when someone sneak attacks you with ridiculous rhetoric. BUT. You can rest assured that no matter how whacked out your hair gets, it will still look better than his.

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Why We Love It

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