Democrat Bullshit Protector

Democrat Bullshit Protector

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Line Forms to the Left

If you’re tired of handouts going to the poor and needy, then you’ll want the Democratic Bullshit Protector. It keeps your ears from being filled with all that liberal left-leaning crap that’s turning the country inside out.  When you’re tired of hearing whining from liberals and mainstream media, then it’s time for the Democrat Bullshit Protector.

Who would love a Democrat Bullshit Protector?

Anyone who enjoys their local tea party or believes that people should pull themselves up by their bootstraps instead of getting free aide will love the Democrat Bullshit Protector. They’ll be soothed by silence as Democrats sit and talk out of both sides of their faces.  Protect yourself before you end up wearing tie-dye T-shirts and singing folk songs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a detector or protector?

It is definitely a protector. Do you know how you can tell when a Democrat is spouting bullshit? Its lips are moving. You’re always going to be blasted by leftwing BS, but at least you can protect your brain from their delusional thoughts. Keep drinking your tea, you don’t have to worry about anything else.

Can it keep me from becoming a Democrat?

I don’t know. Do you want to live off the government, have your student loans forgiven without paying any back and whine about how it’s still not enough? If so, then it’s too late. If not, then maybe we can save you before you’re hit with too much Democratic propaganda. 

Why We Love It

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