Hillary Clinton Bullshit Protectors

Hillary Clinton Bullshit Protectors

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When in doubt, block it out

Hillary Clinton isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, she can be a nice cool glass of arsenic with a side of rat poison cupcakes. Don’t let her rhetoric damage your ears, keep them safe with our Hillary Clinton Bullshit Protectors. You may not be able to protect yourself from her policies, but you can at least have some peace and quiet.

Who would love Hillary Clinton Bullshit Protectors?

Anyone with a conservative bent or dislike of the Clinton franchise would love this system. If you survived the first Clinton administration, haven’t you already been through enough? This one isn’t even in office yet, and the noise is already deafening. You never know which side of her mouth she’s talking out of, and with these it won’t matter. Be safe and keep Hillary at bay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it keep her from winning the election?

Sadly, only the general populous of the United States can keep Queen Hillary from ruling the land. The good news is if you have these, then you’ll be able to say you weren’t swayed by her endless spewing of crap. If Hillary wins, then just glue these to your ears for the next four to eight years.

Does it work for Bill too?

Bill seems to be keeping his distance, but if he ends up as First Husband, then you’ll probably want to use these. That is unless you actually like hearing him weasel his way out of the scandal of the day. Monica Lewinsky may be behind him, but no one knows what coming down the Clinton scandal pipeline next.

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