Obama Bullshit Protectors

Obama Bullshit Protectors

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Are you tired of the things coming out of the POTUS’s mouth on a daily basis? Are his endless promises and ridiculous comments making you want to pull your hair out? You need the Obama Bullshit Protectors. They fit easily over your ears and keep out all that liberal rhetoric.

Who Would Love Obama Bullshit Protectors?

If you spend your nights drinking tea while listening to Conservative radio, then you’ll probably love these. Anyone that’s sick of empty promises and liberal leanings will use this to get a little comfort in their lives. Your ears will no longer beg you to stop listening and instead wallow in ignorant bliss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will they make me a Republican?

No, they just make you human. Politicians are like lying machines, and you just get to a point where you’re tired of hearing it all. Democrat or Republican, doesn’t matter. They will work for Obama or whomever comes next in line. Everyone needs a little peace and quiet from the “message” and these handy bullshit protectors will give you that.

Will they work if I’m a politician?

Well, that depends. If you’re constantly spouting crap yourself, then odds are it’s in your head and you’re listening to it every day anyway. If you’re one of the good ones, then it can help tune out biased party speak and put you on the path of honesty. You won’t last five minutes in Washington, but at least your conscience will be clear.

Why We Love It

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