Crusty Clam Crevice Cleaners Wipes

Crusty Clam Crevice Cleaners Wipes

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Crusty Clam Crevice Cleaners Antibacterial Wipes

Sweet mother-of-pearl! That’s one nasty clam!

It’s a fact that an unsightly, unkempt clam will be passed up for a well-cared-for one every single time. Who wants to roll the dice and take a chance that what’s inside that clam is safe to eat? Nobody. If you notice that your clam is looking gnarly and neglected, it’s time to whip out the Crusty Clam Crevice Cleaners Antibacterial Wipes and polish your trusty friend until it sparkles!

Crusty Clam Crevice Cleaners Antibacterial Wipes offer a special kind of clean when your clam has been let go for far too long. Each disposable cleansing cloth is durable and soaked in a high-quality antibacterial solution that will help you freshen up every crusty crevice of that musky mollusk.

Specs, Features, and Bragging Rights

•             Pink Crusty Clam Crevice Cleaners antibacterial wet wipes

•             Wipes for clams that could use more than just a little tender loving care

•             Messy clam cleanup is no match for these antibacterial wet wipes at home, work, or the aquarium

•             Hilarious over-the-hill or bachelorette gift or stocking stuffer for women

•             Handy resealable lift tab makes access to your Crusty Clam Antibacterial Wipes easy breezy

•             Travel-sized gift pack includes 15 wipes – NOVELTY ONLY – NOT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN

A Gift Every Clam Owner Can Appreciate

Friends don’t let friends ignore the health, wellbeing, and maintenance of their clams. After all, you’re as good as the company you keep, and once the word gets out, folks are going to question how you take care of your own clam. Protect the reputations of all the important clams in your life with Crusty Clam Crevice Cleaners Wipes. Filled with 15 antibacterial wipes, this weird over-the-hill gift for women is a sassy and useful stocking stuffer, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day gift, or addition to birthday gift bags, care packages, or Easter baskets. They’re also an easy choice for retirement gifts, over-the-hill gags, Secret Santa gift exchanges, or White Elephant parties.


Why We Love It

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