Deluxe Pet Wood

Deluxe Pet Wood

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Deluxe Pet Wood

Natural Wood Companion

Some people are simply outdoorsy. They love nature, and don’t feel quite whole when cooped up inside. Deluxe Pet Wood to the rescue!

The Deluxe Pet Wood is the pet that brings balance to souls who long for sunshine and fresh air when being stuck inside. This 100% organic, natural wood companion keeps nature by your side at home, work, or in the car.

Tired of sitting sad and alone in waiting rooms, school car pickup lines, at the DMV, or while your wife is trying on every pair of jeans in the store? You’ll never be alone again if you bring your Deluxe Pet Wood! You can have wild times together, wherever you are. BFFs forever!

Specs, Features, and Bragging Rights

  • 100% Organic Wood
  • Brings the great outdoors with you wherever you go
  • Customizable naming rights
  • Includes birth location and chop date
  • Each Wood Pet is completely unique
  • Ideal pet for nature lovers, adventurers, and outdoorsmen
  • Avoid pet deposits on rentals or hotel stays
  • Won’t tear up furniture, shed, or kick up allergies
  • No food or veterinary costs necessary
  • No house-training required
  • Low-key companionship works with your schedule

Cool Pet Gag Gift for Nature Lovers

Anyone who loves nature will get a kick out of this hilarious travel gift. Surprise friends and family with a lovable, huggable, completely house-trained pet on any gift-giving occasion. Completely unique Deluxe Pet Wood companions are perfect for birthdays, holidays, going away parties, or just because people need unconditional love. Pet Wood Deluxe makes an excellent stocking stuffer, white elephant gift, or addition to care packages and gift baskets for kids, teens, and adults.


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