Anodized Aluminum Shot Glasses

Anodized Aluminum Shot Glasses

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When you’re looking for shot glasses that are sleek, sophisticated and full of style, you need look no further than our Anodized Aluminum Shot Glasses. The set of four trendy shot glasses come in a rainbow of vibrant colors – green, orange, purple and red.

The Anodized Aluminum Shot Glasses set is perfect for a small gathering of friends, because they individual colors will keep your guests from mixing up their glasses throughout the evening. Plus, they just look cool, which is always a party “do.”

Don’t Recycle These Beauties

Go ahead and take the endless supply of soda and beer cans to the recycling center, but keep these gorgeous shot glasses in the cupboard where they belong. They’re cool, sleek and loads better than the glass “Enjoy Vegas” one that broke on the way home from your last business trip.

Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

- Made with sturdy, thin anodized aluminum

- 4 metallic colors in every set: Green, Orange, Purple, and Red

- Rainbow of colors help friends keep track of their shot glasses

- Makes the perfect gift for housewarmings, birthdays and bachelorette parties

- Approximate capacity: 2 ounces

- Handwashing is recommended

Who Would Love Anodized Aluminum Shot Glasses?

Anyone who enjoys the strong stuff will enjoy this fresh take on shot glasses. No more worries of breaking these babies after the buzz sets in or when your friend thinks he’s Greek and throws it against the wall. They look cool and come in any different colors. Ooooooh, shiny.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this up my social status?

Definitely, and not just because you’ve got multiple colors of unbreakable shot glasses at your disposal. When you show up at a party with these, you’re showing up with a statement: I care about looking cool AND safety. How could that not increase your social value? It’s the likeability equivalent of a YouTube cat video.

Do they come in every color under the rainbow?

While these glasses do come in a variety of vibrant colors, they do not come in every rainbow color. This is primarily due to the human eye’s inability to see ultraviolet light. Sorry, but it’s a science thing. If it came in that color, you wouldn’t be able to see it and probably lose it after the first party. Booooo. We wouldn’t put you through that stress and loss.

Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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