The Worlds Biggest Coffee Cup

The Worlds Biggest Coffee Cup

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Most people wont start their day without that first cup of Joe, but for those REALLY bad mornings, you might want to grab the World’s Largest Coffee Cup.

This massive cup holds 20 standard cups of coffee and is enough to wake the dead. While drinking 20 cups of coffee in one sitting may not help calm your nerves, it’s guaranteed to get you going...literally. Don’t drink that much coffee without being near a bathroom.

The World’s Largest Coffee Cup is perfect for that boss that’s groggy every morning or the friend that spends more time in Starbucks than with his family.

Caffeine Overload

Most people need a cup of coffee to get going every morning, and some of us need the whole pot. The World’s Biggest Coffee Cup is everything that is right with this world. It’s time to put away the caffeine IV and pour yourself a steaming cup of java in the biggest cup around. If you can drink this whole cup, then you won’t sleep for a week.

Specs, Features and bragging Rights

- Holds 20 cups of coffee

- Made of porcelain

- 6" tall x 10" in diameter

- Perfect size for serving snacks

- Makes and awesome planter or fruit bowl

- Looks great with diner or coffeehouse decor

- Use as a bowl or flower pot if you value your health

Who Would Love The World’s Biggest Coffee Cup?

Anyone with a caffeine addiction will love this cup, but it’s really for anyone that likes drinking in general. It could be used for anything from tea to soda or even soup. This would make a great chicken soup bowl for sick kiddies or for a tomato soup and grilled cheese dinner. There’s plenty of room for dipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this as a dip bowl?

The World’s Biggest Coffee Cup has a hundred uses and dip bowl is certainly one of them. The handle makes it great for taking from place to place, and it’s big enough to feed a whole party. You could make a cold dip or hot cheese dip and this coffee cup will serve it up with style.

Did I die and just go to heaven?

While gazing upon the caffeinated glory of The World’s Biggest Coffee Cup can make you think that, you’re still here on Earth. Imagine drinking from this massive cup as you get ready for the day. It’s pure bliss, and no one can take that away from you. The World’s Biggest Coffee Cup is a vision to behold. We got a little misty ourselves.

Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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