Beard-O The Geeky Garden Gnome

Beard-O The Geeky Garden Gnome

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I think we’ve all felt like we just rolled botch and that Orc that was supposed to be an easy kill suddenly grew to mammoth proportions. Am I right? It’s then we wish we could roll a crit, but that hardly ever happens.

Anyone who knows what I am talking about should have his or her home guarded by Beard-O the Geeky Garden Gnome. It doesn’t matter if you play D and D, War Hammer or one of the other RPGs out there, Beard-O is going to be your new best friend – between quests.

My Precious

If your idea of fun is staring at your backyard looking for forest fairies or spending every waking moment daydreaming about your D & D character, then Beard-O the Geeky Garden Gnome is for you. This delightful gnome has all the fanboys covered from fantasy to sci-fi and role playing. Put him in your garden and the Ringwraiths will have no chance of getting your precious peonies.


Specs and Stuff

Made of resin


Measures 5.5 x 5.2 x 9.5 inches

Perfect for gamers of all kinds

Adds geeky flair to any garden


Who Would Love Beard-O the Geeky Garden Gnome?

Beard-O is perfect for anyone who openly embraces their geekiness on all levels. They’ll appreciate the many nuances from the Star Trek Vulcan greeting to the 20-sided die by his feet. Geeks and nerds will love Beard-O and proudly display him in their garden.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will Beard-O come to life in the night and slaughter me in my sleep?

Sadly, no. Beard-O isn’t going to come to life, but if he did, he wouldn’t want to slaughter you. He’d probably sit down and start playing some Skyrim or begin searching for the diamond armor in Minecraft. You can sleep soundly and safely, but you might want to keep you lucky dice under your pillow just in case. Sweet dreams.

Will he help me get a girlfriend?

Possibly. There are plenty of geeky gamer girls out there searching for their knight in shining armor and Beard-O can be your wingman. Don’t take him to a club and expect a plethora of plastic women to flock over to you in your elven cloak, but a good Con can be the perfect spot for love.

Why We Love It

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