Army Man Garden Gnome

Army Man Garden Gnome

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Everyone thinks garden gnomes are just cute little creatures that like to frolic through the flowers singing folk tunes. The reality is that there are at least some that prefer the smell of napalm in the morning.

The Army Man Garden Gnome is ready for action and taking out enemies with his pint sized bazooka. All green like the classic army men of old, the figure would look great in your garden, protecting your plants from the forces of evil…or bunnies.

Get ready soldier, there’s a war going on in your yard and you want the Army Man Garden Gnome standing guard.

ITEM DIMENSIONS: 22 x 13.1 x 26.4 cm


We could gag every time we see boring garden gnomes that lack any sort of personality. That’s why when we saw this bazooka packing guy, we knew we had to have him. He’ll get your other gnomes in ship shape or blow them up in the process.


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