You're On My Shit List Sticky Notes

You're On My Shit List Sticky Notes

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How many times have you screwed up and been called out by your boss or wife. You're officially on the shit list and you're going to be there for a while. Our You’re on My Shit List Sticky Notes will let you know exactly where you stand. With one quick check you’ll know whether you're teetering on the edge or if you need to go to Defcon 1.

The notes have spaces for them to list what you did, when the offense occurred and where on the severity scale you're sitting.

Hint: If you're married, just assume you’re at a level 10 severity every time. 

3 x 3 inches; 100 sheets

We love funny sticky notes, so we couldn’t help but get the Shit List Sticky Notes. We’ve all got those people that just seem to love making us mad, and we want to make it as easy as possible to let them know they’ve just made the shit list. Whether it’s the spouse who left the seat up or the coworker who misplaced the meeting notes, they’ll know where they stand.


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