Uranus Farts Cotton Candy

Uranus Farts Cotton Candy

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Uranus Farts Cotton Candy

Not everything from Uranus stinks!

Uranus has always been the butt of all planet jokes. It’s common knowledge that Uranus is huge, but did you know it was full of sweet and fluffy, blue cotton candy farts? SCIENCE!!

Once you get a taste of Uranus Farts Cotton Candy, you’ll be bending over backwards to get some more!

  • Fluffy and sweet blue cotton candy Uranus farts
  • Perfect for Easter, birthdays, and Christmas
  • Awesome stocking stuffer for kids, teens, and adults
  • Passed and packaged in the USA
  • Hilarious gag gift for the whole fart-loving family

Uranus Farts Cotton Candy is the fluffy, blue snack that’s a buttload of fun for everyone. You’ll notice people start to orbit Uranus as soon you bust it out. Don’t be ashamed! It’s delicious!

Uranus Blue Cotton Candy is the perfect cotton candy gag gift for kids, teens, and adults. The hilarious design features a great, big image of Uranus that will have everyone rolling with laughter. It’s always a wonderful surprise to discover Uranus hiding in Easter baskets, holiday care packages, and gift baskets. Slip some in as a funny stocking stuffer, or wrap it up for a unique white elephant gift.

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