Unicorns Are Real Deluxe Gift Set

Unicorns Are Real Deluxe Gift Set

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The Unicorns Are Real Magical Deluxe Gift Set

Capture the Power of Unicorns!

Unicorns are magical and mysterious creatures that capture the hearts and imaginations of ladies of all ages. The Unicorns Are Real Magical Deluxe Gift Set is a fun unicorn-themed gift set that harnesses all the majestic fun that these sassy beasts have to offer from the tips of noses to the magical secret hidden under their tails.

Unicorn lovers just can’t get enough of these charming, fantastical animals, so we’ve put together an enchanting – and hilarious – gift pack that will bring laughter and smiles to any lucky girl who receives it.  

The Unicorns Are Real Deluxe Gift Set Includes:

  • Unicorn Snot Stress Relief Putty – This funny tin of green stress putty is as fun to play with as it is useful for relaxing away everyday stress.
  • Instantly Fart Rainbows Cotton Candy – FACT: Unicorn farts are actually made of pink, fluffy cotton candy! Go ahead and get yourself a taste! Mmmmm ... magical!
  • Unicorns Don’t Believe in You Mints – Love garlic, but hate the bad breath that comes with it? Filled with approximately 165 peppermint breath mints, these pint-sized powerhouses are practically magic. Their freshening strength will have even the greatest of naysayers believing in the miraculous power of the unicorn!
  • Silver Organza Gift Bag – How do you tie together the best unicorn gift ever? With an equally enchanting, sheer gift bag for a fun and fabulous presentation.

A Weird and Wonderful Gift for Any Occasion

Give the Unicorns Are Real Deluxe Gift Set to friends, family, coworkers, and other hard-to-buy-for people who could use some magic in their lives. Not only does it make a fabulous white elephant gift, but it’s also perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and just to say, “I’m thinking of you.”

Why We Love It

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