Top Banana Wine Stopper

Top Banana Wine Stopper

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Have you ever opened a bottle of wine or champagne and didn't drink it all, but lost the cap or cork? What are you supposed to do? Find whatever's around and plug it a banana? You'll never have to send another banana needlessly to his death again if you have the Top Banana Bottle Stopper.

The stopper has the look of a banana, but the hard plastic ensures it won't be going rotten anytime soon. Keep your drinks safe and full of fizz with the Top Banana Bottle Stopper. It's the perfect gift for a wine connoisseur or monkey with fine taste in beverages.

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  • Allie . Dec 27, 2012
    My best friend collects monkey stuff, so I got her a banana stopper for her birthday with a bottle of wine. She totally flipped for it! It's adorable.
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