Roadtripper Mobile Relief System

Roadtripper Mobile Relief System

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Roadtripper Mobile Relief System

Babies have it made. They don’t let something as trivial as needing to empty their colons stop them from whatever important baby things they’re doing. It’s time adults claim their rights to poop whenever, wherever.

Now, you too can capture that fabulous freedom with the Roadtripper Mobile Relief System! Never let your bowels stop you from getting where you’re going again! This revolutionary dump-on-the-go travel technology will change the way you drive forever!

Each disposable Roadtripper portable pooping system contains 1 adult-size diaper, so you can pinch it and toss it when YOU decide it’s time!

Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

  • Includes one adult-sized diaper for your mobile pooping convenience
  • The sophisticated way to poop your pants on-the-go
  • Have a potty in your pants
  • Hilarious gag gift for anyone who travels
  • For novelty purposes only, pooping your pants shouldn’t be a goal

Cool Travel Gag Gift for Adventurers

Anyone who loves life on the road will get a kick out of this hilarious travel gift. Surprise friends and family with a handy Roadtripper adult diaper on any gift-giving occasion. Portable pooping systems are perfect for birthdays, holidays, going away parties, or just because people have been known to poop…sometimes, even while driving. The Mobile Relief System makes an excellent stocking stuffer, white elephant gift, or addition to care packages and gift baskets for die-hard travelers.


Why We Love It

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