Naughty Golf "Tease"

Naughty Golf "Tease"

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Is golf losing it's luster for you? We've got a quick and easy way to help keep your eye on the ball...our new Naughty Golf Tease! This set of fully functional, and totally inspiring golf tees includes six nude women- shaped tees in a variety of vibrant colors.

With the Naked Lady Golf Tease you should be able to keep your eye on the ball and make that perfect hole in one!!

If there’s one thing golf is known for, then it's buxom beauties. Ok, maybe not, but we love making old geezers happy, so we made sure to get Naughty Golf “Tease.” Setting their balls on these lovely ladies may be the most excitement they’ve seen on the links in years. We’re happy to bring some new spice to the game and inspire everyone to grab their clubs and really go for it. 


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