Nag Notes Sticky Notepad

Nag Notes Sticky Notepad

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Does your wife or girlfriend frequently offer helpful and useful advice, even when you don't need it? Yeah, in man talk that’s commonly referred to as nagging.

If your significant other is nag happy, then this Nag Notes Sticky Notepad gives her an easy way to send out information without you even having to endure her shrill voice.

You can come home from work and be reminded that the garage door is sticking even when she's out getting the groceries. Let the nagging begin and once she these, the nagging will only get worst. Good luck.

3 x 3 inches; 100 sheets

We love letting our significant others know they’re going a little overboard. The Nag Notes Sticky Notepad may land you on the couch for a few days, but odds are that that special someone willl use them because, let’s face it, they’re kind of naggy. I’ll never admit to saying that though.


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