Monkey Tea Infuser

Monkey Tea Infuser

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Remember when you mom said that even a monkey could make a good cup of tea? Well, she was right. The Monkey Tea Infuser has adjustable arms to fit any size tea cup and makes sure your tea comes out perfect every time. No more burned stained fingertips from plucking teabags from your cup.

The classy, but fun, Monkey Tea Infuser does all the work, and you can just dispose of those tacky bags. As an added bonus, you can recreate the tragic ending of King Kong or make him throw tea bags at your little brother...not that we encourage such childish awesomeness. You get all the entertainment value of a pet monkey without the random poo throwing.

We love monkeys and tea time, so we couldn’t pass up the Monkey Tea Infuser. This guy is hanging on for dear life, but thankfully he’s dispensing a calming blend of your favorite tea and not something else.  That would be a completely different infuser - which, let's face it, we'd probably love too.


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