Mallard Duck Socks

Mallard Duck Socks

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Duck hunting is a national pastime, with thousands of people taking time off from work each year to sit in cold blinds praying for the prize bird to fly by. You can enjoy the thrill of hunting without sitting in a the frosty chill of the blind with Mallard Duck Crew Socks.

The ducks look like something from Duck Hunt and bring back your nostalgic memories of light guns and 8-bit graphics. If you love hunting or classic video games, then these socks are for you. Plus, any outdoorsman will tell you, if you’re going to sit in a blind all day, then it’s important to wear a good pair of socks.

Mallard Duck Socks are made with a cozy blend of 70% Pima Cotton, 28% Polyester, and 2% Spandex.


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