Kick Ass Wet Wipes

Kick Ass Wet Wipes

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Every girl needs a fabulous start to the day, and nothing will get you more pumped to take on the world than our Kick Ass Wet Wipes. Ladies know wet wipes are useful to keep on hand, but these make you feel sassy and boost your confidence every time you pull them from your purse.

The stylish pink and white package tells you to “Fire up that lip gloss, grab your big girl shoes and kick this day in its sunshiny ass!” These “crazy beautiful” wet wipes are designed for the fierce woman who isn’t afraid to take over the world and do it her way.

Experience this amazing feeling with Kick Ass Wet Wipes.

Everyone wakes up a little cranky or disheartened every now and then. We love the Kick Ass Wet Wipes, because they’re a great start to the day. Everyone needs a pick me up and these wet wipes will give you the strength and courage to face everything the day has to offer, good or bad. 


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