Instant Therapy Putty

Instant Therapy Putty

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Instant Therapy Putty

It’s way cheaper than a shrink!

We all wish we could spend thousands of dollars a month to talk with professional therapists about what’s going on in our lives. Instant Therapy Putty is like spending an hour on a psychiatrist’s couch talking about how mom never did like your shoes. Trauma!!

Life is stressful. We all do things we regret and have deep-seated issues that impact us every day. Psychoanalysis on the fly gets expensive, but now you can take the healing process into your own hands…for less! Stress is one of the leading causes of screwed-upness (technical term), so relieve it with Instant Therapy Putty.

Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

  • Special formula loosens up as you work it in your hands
  • Really smart-looking pearl copper stress putty
  • Hilarious gag gift for anyone stressed out by life
  • Packaged in funny shrink’s office tin
  • Perfect for work, home, and anywhere panic attacks may occur
  • Tin measures approximately 85 mm and holds about 60 g of putty


Work out those issues, dude

If there is one thing that life teaches us, it’s that sometimes our biggest problem is ourselves. Maybe the world isn’t out to get me, and I need to simmer down now. When you discover these revelations, it’s bound to impact your mood. Grab your Instant therapy putty, and take out your frustrations on it. You can even call it names, it doesn’t care.

This is a great gift for anyone who’s high-strung, but on a budget. The ones who are constantly drinking coffee and flipping out over the littles stuff, because they could really use a chill pill. They need to relax before their heads explode, or they start talking to the watercooler. Instant Therapy Putty gives them all the benefits of a psychiatrist without all that annoying sharing. It’s a hilariously thoughtful addition to care packages, gift baskets, birthday presents, and Christmas stockings.


Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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