Geek Socks

Geek Socks

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Can you quote Dr. Who and Star Trek? Can’t get enough Discovery Channel? Accessorize your LARPing gear with our Geek Socks. They’re both stylish and comfortable enough for long days at that convention you’ve been dying to go. Proudly proclaim that social situations may not be your bag of holding, but you’ll always remember the Battle of Wolf 359.

These are the perfect gift for anybody who not only accepts the esteemed title of geek, but revels in it. There is a reason they call it geek chic, and baby, you’re an 87th level fashionista.

Geek Socks fit women’s shoe sizes 7 - 11 and men’s shoe sizes 7 - 13. They’re made from a 75% cotton, 20% nylon, 5% spandex blend.

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