Douche Baguette Gum

Douche Baguette Gum

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Do you know someone who’s starving for a douche baguette? We all know that dude who comes to school or work every day and treats everyone like crap. It could be that boss on a power trip or the professor who seems to enjoy torturing his class. Serve up some humble pie with Douche Baguette Gum.

Sneak over to his desk while he’s out, no doubt engaged in douchebaggery, and drop off some Douche Baguette Gum. It’s the not so subtle way to tell him what everyone thinks. You’ll be the office hero for serving up some tasty karma-coated douche baguette for him to chew on all day long.

There aren’t many things funnier than a clever play on words and the Douche Baguette Gum is one of our favorites. Give some to that annoying coworker or family member that you just can’t stand. Douche Baguette gum is perfect for all the douchebags who need to chew on a little truth.


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