Couch Potato Socks

Couch Potato Socks

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It’s your day off and that To Do list doesn’t stand a chance of distracting you from your plans. You’re already wearing the pajama pants from last night, so your outfit is nearly complete. The only thing missing from the perfect day of sofa warming is a cozy pair of Couch Potato Socks.

Our brown and yellow Couch Potato Socks were designed to complement any pajamas, bathrobes or underwear you feel like vegging in. Slipping into them is a declaration to the world that you’re committed to binge watching the boob tube with reckless abandon.

Couch Potato Socks fit women’s shoe sizes 7 - 11 and men’s shoe sizes 7 - 13. They’re made from a 75% cotton, 20% nylon, 5% spandex blend.

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